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Vibrotecnología provee diversas partes para implementar sistemas que proporcionen una base didáctica que permita conocer y experimentar el análisis de vibraciones para el diagnóstico de maquinaria rotativa industrial, con bases teóricas y prácticas descritas en la norma ISO 18436.2.

Los sistemas pueden tener partes tales como las mostradas a continuación.

4-unit set of LASI

Large Area Solar Illuminator (LASI), Four Units (1x1m)

This is for a four unit set of LASI, designed to illuminate up to a 1x1m target with excellent three dimensional uniformity. All LASI systems operate with Xe arc lamps and therefore with the solar color temperature of 6,000 K. This allows the LASI to be used in applications that vary with depth, as opposed to generating only 2D uniformity on a single plane.This price does include a basic frame to hold the LASI at the correct distance from the target plane.This device is capable of Class B spectral compliance and Class B temporal instability.Uniformity over the entire target area is typically 15%. The overlap between units is an essential part of creating better spatial uniformity, and this unit can achieve ASTM Class C spatial uniformity within the central area, excluding the 1/4 m area around the perimeter. This meets ASTM criteria for Class BCB solar simulators.Beam turning unit sold separately.Each unit requires 220VAC/10A.Better performance is possible; please discuss your particular needs with your authorized Sciencetech technical support staff member.

Target size

Typical power output

Uniformity classification

Power requirements

Collination angle

Lamp power

Temporal instanbility classification

Spectral match classification

Working distance


continuous or flash

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