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Vibrotecnología provee diversas partes para implementar sistemas que proporcionen una base didáctica que permita conocer y experimentar el análisis de vibraciones para el diagnóstico de maquinaria rotativa industrial, con bases teóricas y prácticas descritas en la norma ISO 18436.2.

Los sistemas pueden tener partes tales como las mostradas a continuación.


Glow Bar (Globar) - Including housing, Reflector, and Power Supply for Mounting to SPS-300

The Glow bar (Globar) is a typical infrared source for the THz researcher. The heating element itself is very low cost, allowing researchers to use them without worry about replacing expensive bulbs or components. The majority of the price for this unit consists of the water cooling (required for vacuum operation), large reflector to efficiently collect the radiation, and housing designed to withstand the high level of vacuum required for THz operation. Power of Globar could be up to 30 W
This model is specifically designed to mount to the optional External Input Port of the SPS300. If you wish to use a completed Globar unit for your own applications, please speak with a Technical Support specialist.
Please note that this device requires water cooling to operate under vacuum and includes all the lines, but not the water recirculator itself. If purchased as part of a complete SPS300 system, it is included.




Ozone Production

Spectral Range


Up to 75 W

Ozone Free


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