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Vibrotecnología provee diversas partes para implementar sistemas que proporcionen una base didáctica que permita conocer y experimentar el análisis de vibraciones para el diagnóstico de maquinaria rotativa industrial, con bases teóricas y prácticas descritas en la norma ISO 18436.2.

Los sistemas pueden tener partes tales como las mostradas a continuación.


Single and Double Pass 1m Monochromator

The 9490 is Sciencetech's second largest monochromator, with a 1m focal length. It can achieve resolutions as high as 0.017nm in its standard "single pass" configuration with a 1200 l/mm grating. Up to twice that resolution is possible with the "double pass" configuration. This model of the 9490 allows the user to switch between the two modes seamlessly by shifting the position of a set of mirrors (easily done by rotating a single knob).This system includes a single input slit. For additional options and to select the perfect grating(s) for your application, please speak with your Sciencetech technical sales member.Please see the technical datasheet for more information.

Optical axis height

200.5 mm

Resolution (with 1200l/mm grating

0.009 nm

Grating Size

Wavelength Accuracy

Wavelenght Repeatability

Linear Reciprocal Dispersion

Special Features

Focal Length

104 mm x 104 mm


0.01 nm

0.42 nm/mm


Single and Doble Pass Monochromator

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