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Vibrotecnología provee diversas partes para implementar sistemas que proporcionen una base didáctica que permita conocer y experimentar el análisis de vibraciones para el diagnóstico de maquinaria rotativa industrial, con bases teóricas y prácticas descritas en la norma ISO 18436.2.

Los sistemas pueden tener partes tales como las mostradas a continuación.


High Power Focused Beam Arc Lamp Housing - 6kW Xe lamp

Scientific research grade arc lamp high-powered housing with focused-beam:

The 201-6.5K and 200-6.5K series lamp housings are the most powerful Sciencetech arc lamps with vertical and horizontal mount orientation. They have a modular design which allows you to customize depending on the required application in collimating or focusing operational mode. Depends on the operational mode they can have elliptical or parabolic reflector combined with correspondent refractive optics.

The 201-6.5K and 200-6.5K lamp housings are designed for 3000W�6KW Xenon, Mercury-Xenon, and Mercury short arc lamps as well as 2000W-5000KW QTH lamps (sold separately) .

A variety of output port coupling accessories allows for the attachment of refractive or reflective collimating optics.

A number of beam line options are available such as refractive condensing optics to refocus the output light into a very fine focal point for maximum brightness. This is ideal for fiber optic applications where the light needs to be condensed into a small entrance of a fiber bundle. Other beam line accessories available include filtering accessories and focus point accessories.

-High power focused beam
-Efficient ellipsoidal reflector for light collection
-f/2.5 ellipsoidal reflector aperture
-Supports 5000W arc lamps (xenon & mercury-xenon)
-230-240VAC requirement
-Horizontally mounted arc lamp


Housing Type

Housing Window

Optical Axis Height


Fan Voltage Setting



Fused Quartz



230 VAC

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