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Vibrotecnología provee diversas partes para implementar sistemas que proporcionen una base didáctica que permita conocer y experimentar el análisis de vibraciones para el diagnóstico de maquinaria rotativa industrial, con bases teóricas y prácticas descritas en la norma ISO 18436.2.

Los sistemas pueden tener partes tales como las mostradas a continuación.



75W Constant Current Power Supply

This power supply has been specifically designed for the highly stable 75W Hg lamp used inside the new SPS-300 Terahertz FTIR Spectrometer. The '500-75ST' is an adjustable, current regulated, DC Power Supply. It is meant to power up a low pressure, long arc Hg lamp by Heraeus Nobelight Model 75ST. However, it can be used by many other applications which require a steady, low noise current regulated Power Supply of up to 1A, and approximately 100W. It will work with the 500-IG-75ST 800V igniter (150-9016) to ignite the Hereaus 75ST lamp.

LCD Display (Current, Voltage, Power)
Output Current Control: 0-1A
Dual line voltage: 115 / 230VAC
Input Current: 1A / 0.5A
Input Frequency: 60Hz / 50Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H): 11" x 8" x 5" (28cm x 20cm x 13cm)
Weight: 10 kg (22 lbs)


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